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Jewellery Making Guides

Welcome to our range of Jewellery Making Guides, catering for beginners looking to try out a new technique, crafters looking to increase their skillset, or those simply looking for information on jewellery supplies! Discover a range of beginner’s guides and buying guides covering all areas of jewellery making, providing all you need to know to succeed.

Required Materials:

  • Wire
  • Wire Cutters (of your choice)
  • Flat Nosed-Pliers (optional)


step 1

1. Take your wire cutters and have a good look at each side – you'll see one flat side and one indented side.

step 2

2. If you've created a wire wrapped loop, for example, open your cutters and put the jaws around the wire with the flat side facing the loop – as close to it as you can.

step 3

3. Bring the handles tightly together, ultimately cutting the wire in the exact place you want it – and leaving no unsightly stray wire. If you do happen to have a tiny piece of wire sticking out, use some flat-nosed pliers to squeeze the end of the piece into the rest of the wire.