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Exclusive Project

Wire macramé bangle

Macramé in a completely new way using wire to bring a more luxurious feel to your jewellery making.

You will need:

Time to Make: 1 hour

Skill Level: Intermediate


  1. Cut 2 10 inch (26cm) pieces of 1mm wire. Straighten them using your hands, and place them together. Hold the 2 pieces together with flat nose pliers. Wrap the 0.4mm silver wire 4 times around the middle of the 1mm wires.

  1. Cut off the excess wire with the flush cutters and use the flat nose pliers to make the wire smooth to the touch. Wrap the 2 1mm wires, 2 more times using the same technique. Make sure they are spread out. This is what will keep the wires together. Connect the wires to the macramé board.

  1. Cut a 100 inch (255cm) piece of pink 0.4mm wire with the flush cutters. Find the middle of the wire, thread it under the 2 wires, making sure the middle of the wire is under the 2 wires. Time to macramé. This bangle will be using the square knot. Place the left hand side of the pink wire over the base wire. It should form a C shape.

  1. Pass the right part of the pink wire that is at the top, over the pink at the bottom, and then under the 2 silver wires.

  1. Using the pink wire on the left side at the bottom, put it under the first pink wire and then over the top pink wire. Pull gently, do not pull too hard as you may take the coating off the wire.

  1. Now for the 2nd half of the square knot. This is a mirrored version of steps 3, 4 and 5. For example, you create a d not a c with the wire. Where the instructions state left, read right, everything else is the same.

  1. Continue doing the square knot until 7 inches (18cm) has been completed.

  1. To finish off the pink wire, wrap one end 3 times around the 2 silver wires and then cut the excess with the flush cutters. Then wrap the other end over the same place 3 times and cut the excess off with the flush cutters. Use the flat nose pliers to secure the wires and remove any rough bits.

  1. Curve the bangle around your wrist. (A bracelet mandrel can also be used)

  1. Bend the end wires at a 90 degree angle outwards. Create a loop with round nose pliers on each of the wires. Use flush cutters to cut off the excess wire.

  1. Use the flat nose pliers to make sure the loops are straight and that there are no rough parts to the bangle. At this point, reshape the bangle again, as the loop making may have changed the bangle. It is now finished.