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Jewellery Making Guides

Welcome to our range of Jewellery Making Guides, catering for beginners looking to try out a new technique, crafters looking to increase their skillset, or those simply looking for information on jewellery supplies! Discover a range of beginner’s guides and buying guides covering all areas of jewellery making, providing all you need to know to succeed.

Required Materials:

  • Headpin or Eyepin
  • Flat-Nosed Pliers
  • Round-Nosed Pliers
  • Side Cutters (or other wire cutters)


step 1

1. Slide your bead(s) onto your headpin or eyepin, then take your flat-nosed pliers and clasp the wire just above the bead(s).

step 2

2. Whilst holding the pliers tightly, bend the wire over it with your fingers until you reach a 90 degree angle.

step 3

3. Take your round-nosed pliers and clasp the wire on its bend, then bend the remaining wire up, over and around the pliers' top jaw with your fingers, creating half the loop.

step 4

4. Now that the top jaw of your round-nosed pliers is inside the half loop, remove your hold on the wire and rotate the pliers so that the bottom jaw is inside the wire instead, then clutch it again.

step 5

5. Bend the wire again with your fingers – but this time under and around the bottom jaw to complete the loop.

step 6

6. Take your flat-nosed pliers and hold the top of your newly-made loop from the side. Wrap the remaining wire twice (or three times) around the length of wire under your loop/above your bead, ensuring it's tight. The thickness of this wrap should perfectly fill that space.

step 7

7. If you have any excess wire protruding from your wrapped wire loop, simply cut it with side cutters as close as you can to the wrapped wire – and there you have it, a lovely, neat finish!