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Flexi-Pay Terms & Conditions

These Flexi-pay terms and conditions apply to your use of Flexi-pay via our website at, over the phone on 1-855-448-1111 or FastTrack on 1-855-448-1112. By placing an order using Flexi-Pay, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. General

1.1 The option to pay by Flexi-pay is offered by Create and Craft in respect of specific products only and may be limited to a particular show or time period. Create and Craft customers can choose to pay by Flexi-pay online at, by speaking with our Customer Services team on 1-855-246-9999 or using FastTrack on 1-855-448-1112.

1.2 We reserve the right to refuse payment by Flexi-pay for any reason including credit report information. You may contact us to see if a credit report was requested and the name and address of the credit reporting agency that conducted the report (if applicable).

2. Ordering using Flexi-pay

2.1 Flexi-pay allows a customer to spread the cost of the product (excluding shipping and handling) across 2, 3 or 4 payments interest free.

2.2 If you are ordering two products at the same time with different payment schedules (for example, a two and a three month term), you may choose to pay for both over the longer time period. However, apart from this the number of payments will be set by Create and Craft when we make the products available to you.

2.3 If you wish to use a discount coupon on Flexi-pay, we will spread the discount proportionally across the eligible items in your basket reducing the item cost and then calculate the Flexi-pay payment schedule accordingly.

3. Payment

3.1 The first payment, along with your full shipping and handling charges is taken when you place your order and the other payments on the dates detailed in the letter sent to you.

3.2 If you have some Flexi-pay and some non-Flexi-pay items on the same order you may be offered the opportunity to pay for all products by Flexi-pay. If you don't want to do this or if you are not offered this option you must pay for any non-Flexi-pay items in full when you place your order.

3.3 Flexi-pay payments must be paid with a card. Maestro Debit cards and PayPal are not supported for payment by Flexi-pay. We charge the first payment and shipping and handling when you place your order and we will charge subsequent payments automatically from the card you have provided on or after the dates detailed in your confirmation letter until the order is paid in full. We will only accept the card if the expiration date is after the date of your last Flexi-pay payment. We will not accept payment by check.

3.4 If we attempt to charge a payment and your bank declines it, we will send you a letter to let you know. We will attempt to charge the payment again 14 days after the original payment date.

3.5 Payment failure will not alter or impact your remaining Flexi-pay Payment Schedule.

3.6 We will attempt to charge a payment three times before handing it over to a third party debt collection agency. If your card is declined a second time, we may, subject to state law, charge up to $20.00 plus tax administration fee to your outstanding balance and this will be payable immediately along with your missed payment. This will then result in the suspension of your account with Create and Craft. If a third attempt to charge a payment is declined, we may, subject to state law, charge an additional $20.00 plus tax administration fee to your account. If you have still not paid, we may, subject to state law, charge a further $20.00 plus tax administration fee to cover the costs of transferring your file to a debt collection agency and subsequent debt management. All outstanding payments due for your items (the missed payments plus any future payments otherwise due at a later date) will be payable immediately in full, together with the combined $60.00 plus tax administration fee.

4. Your Flexi-pay Account

4.1 If you change or lose your card that you have used to make your Flexi-pay payments, you must inform our Customer Services department so they can update your details. Changing your card details on your account will not update your Flexi-pay account.

4.2 If you change your card details while you have any Flexi-pay payments outstanding, then the next payment will be taken when you register your new card with us even if this is earlier than when the payment is otherwise due.

4.3 A Flexi-pay balance can be paid in full at any time without penalty by calling 1-855-246-9999.

5. Returns

5.1 In the unlikely event that you have to return an item, we will refund your card for the amount you have paid so far for that item excluding shipping and handling. If your order was for more than one Flexi-pay item and you still have additional payments outstanding, then we will adjust your schedule accordingly and notify you by letter.