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Alcohol Ink Thank You Card

Create colourful backgrounds for your cards using alcohol inks and combine stamping with alcohol lift ink to leave behind a ghost like impression of your stamping. Even better because when the ink has been lifted you can transfer it to another project! - Laura Gallimoreh

  • Papercraft and Scrapbooking
  • < 1 hour
  • Beginner

Tools and materials required

  • Selection of Alcohol inks
  • Alcohol Lift – ink
  • Non-porous surface such as yupo paper
  • Alcohol ink blending solution
  • Blending tool
  • Sentiment stamp and large image


I’ll be using a rainbow selection of alcohol inks for today’s project. The colours are, Poppyfield, Sunset Orange, Lemonade, Botanical and Indigo. I’m working on Yupo paper which is a synthetic paper that is non-porous. It’s important to use a non-porous surface for this technique, remember alcohol ink cardstock is porous so you will want to work with yupo or glass / plastic.


Using a blending tool apply a horizontal line of each ink colour across the alcohol ink blending felt. You can leave the caps off your alcohol inks for a short period of time when working with the inks without risk of them drying out due to the cap design. However you should be working in a well ventilated area and away from any flames.


To help with blending add a vertical line of blending solution down the centre of the blending felt. You will notice that the colour seams to disappear from this section.


Swipe the alcohol blending tool across your paper to create a striped rainbow design. I’m working on top of a laminated surface to help with clean up. Hand sanitiser is great at cleaning up any mess. You want to make sure you have intense colour to really make the lift ink effect stand out.


Let your background dry, this won’t take too long as the alcohol evaporates quickly. Be sure to dispose of your ink blending foam safely as I will be flammable. Now it is time to select your stamp image, ensure it is totally clean and ink up with the Alcohol lift-ink and stamp down.


Once you have stamped down the lift-ink you will notice that the alcohol ink has transferred or lifted on to your stamp and you could now stamp this down onto a porous surface such as regular or alcohol cardstock.


Carefully dab the excess lift ink off your background using a paper town or microfiber cloth. Then buff the background to reveal the ghosting effect of the lift ink.


Finish up your card by mounting your background onto a card base and stamp on or glue down your favourite sentiment.