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Autumn Leaves Card

Anyone celebrating a birthday in autumn would appreciate a card full of the golden colours of the season. This project has some great techniques that create a colourful and stand out card

  • Papercraft and Scrapbooking
  • < 1 hour
  • Beginner

Tools and materials required

  • Create & Craft White Cardstock
  • Create & Craft Black Cardstock
  • Create & Craft Orange Cardstock
  • 7x5inch white landscape card blank
  • Any leaf rubber stamps you have in your stash
  • Rectangle die for the sentiment
  • Sentiment stamp of your choice
  • Masking paper or a post-it note
  • Black & Dove Grey permanent ink
  • Watercolour brush pens
  • Watercolour brush & water
  • Tape Runner or Adhesive tape
  • 3D foam
  • Scissors


Cut the black cardstock to fit as a layer to the base blank card, I cut my layer approx 1/4inch smaller – Attach the black layer to the card base using flat glue either a tape runner or adhesive tape.


Cut a white layer 1/4inch smaller than the previous black layer, at this stage do not attach to the card.


Cut some of the orange card to fit only the width of the card, do not worry about the length at this stage.


The orange card can now be torn at either edge – tear towards you to get a rough edge.


The orange card needs to be torn at the other edge now to fit the white cardstock layer and to leave the edges of the white layer on show.


Take one of your leaf stamps and stamp 1 leaf onto the masking paper or a post-it note use permanent ink for this, can be any colour (if using a post-it note, be sure to stamp part of the image over the tacky bit on the back of the note) after stamping the leaf, cut it out.


On the plain white cardstock nearly at the edge of the layer, stamp just once, the same leaf you have just used to make the mask, stamp this leaf in a Dove Grey colour.


Place the leaf mask you have made over the top of the leaf you have just stamped on the white cardstock layer.


Stamp again on the white cardstock layer, slightly at an angle and slightly over the top of the previous leaf.


Carry the stamping on, on both sides of the white layer, to create a leaf chain.


Next using 3 or 4 colours of watercolour pens, add lines of colour from the edge of the white layer towards the stamped leaf chain. Use colours alternatively and leave gaps between each colour.


Take your watercolour brush and add a stroke of water between the colours, so they run and blend into themselves.


Do this all the way down each side.


Colour in the leaves and give them a little shadow and light.


On a separate piece of white card, stamp out 8 leaves, these can be all different or all the same, I used 2 different stamps for mine. Then cut out the leaves.


Using the same 3 or 4 colours from step11 add colour to the leaves.


When you add the colour to the leaves, just dot it about, don't blend it, be as scruffy as you want.


Take the watercolour brush and brush water all over the leaves, this will blend in the colours.


Do the same for all of the leaves you have – be as colourful as you like.


Using a rectangle die, die cut a piece of white card.


Take your sentiment stamp and stamp your sentiment on to the white rectangle you have just die cut. I used black permanent ink for my stamp.


Attach the leaf edge layer using flat glue on to the card base that already has the black layer on.


Attach the centre strip of orange torn paper through the centre of the card on top of the stamped layer.


Using 3D foam on the back of the sentiment, add the sentiment in the centre of the card.


Add 3D foam to the back of the leaves and start adding the leaves around the outer edge of the sentiment.


Carry on, all the way around the sentiment to make a frame. The finished card.