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Beach Towel

This practical and stylish beach towel allows you to lie in comfort on the beach while keeping your belongings safe. It’s easy to roll up and carry around too!

  • Sewing and Needlework
  • 3-4 hours
  • Intermediate

Tools and materials required

  • 1 large beach towel (approx 160cm x 90cm)
  • 1 standard size bath towel (approx 125cm x 70cm)
  • Pillow (70cm x 40cm)
  • 40cm hook & loop tape fastening
  • Fabric (34cm x 110cm)
  • Fabric (17cm x 110cm)
  • Bias binding
  • Sewing scissors
  • Complimentary sewing thread
  • Straight pins
  • Tape measure
  • Sewing machine
  • Heavy duty sewing needle (size 14 or 16)
  • Iron
  • Open end zip 36cm


Mark a line 40cm up from the bottom of the smaller towel on the ‘wrong’ side. Attach your loop and eye tape either side of this line along one of the long edges. Place the smaller towel over the top of the beach towel, lining up the 40cm marked line with the short top edge of the beach towel, allowing the excess width of the beach towel hang out evenly either side. Top stitch along the marked line securing the smaller towel to the beach towel.


Fold up the bottom edge of the smaller towel, pressing the fastening strips together. Pin along the other 2 edges of the smaller towel and stitch all the way round. Open the taped edge and insert your pillow to make sure it fits snugly. Remove it again before proceeding to the nmext step.


Using the bias binding, bind one long edge of your larger piece of fabric. Along the bottom edge, place a tape measure with 0 laid to the far right. Place pins at intervals 2cm, 7cm, 12cm, 27cm, 32cm, 37cm, 42cm, 47cm, 62cm, 67cm, and 72cm.
Fold pin 12cm to meet pin 2cm, folding at pin 7cm. Pin pleat in place.
Fold pin 27cm to meet pin 37cm, folding at pin 32cm. Pin pleat in place.
Fold pin 47cm to meet pin 37cm, folding at pin 42cm. Pin pleat in place.
Fold pin 62cm to meet pin 72cm, folding at pin 67cm. Pin pleat in place.
Run a straight stitch along the pleated edge to secure all of the box pleats in place.
Along the top bound edge place marker pins again, right to left, at 2cm, 37cm, and 72cm.


Open the zip into 2 pieces. Stitch one side onto the fabric bound edge with the opening at pin 72cm and the end starting approximately 2cm in from the left hand edge.


Place the small towel wrong side up with the far edge of the end (past the pillow) facing you. Place the fabric piece over the top of the towel wrong side facing up. Pin and stitch all the way around 3 sides 1cm in from the raw edge. Trim the excess fabric seam allowance away, reducing it down to approx 0.5cm, and trim away the excess bulk in the corners.


Turn the fabric pocket through the right way, taking care to push out the corners. Top stitch around the 3 edges, 1cm in from the edge, enclosing the trimmed raw fabric edges inside the new seam.


Fasten the zip and line it up to find its position on the towel. Pin in place and undo the zip. Stitch in place. Re-fasten the zip to check the placement. Leave it fastened for the next step.


Stitch the fabric to the towel along the lines marked by the 37cm and 72cm pins as placed earlier. You should now have 2 box pleat pockets for your flip flops and a zip up pocket for your valuables and book.


Take the long strip of fabric and press it in half lengthways. Open it out and press in the edges to meet the middle, creating a binding. Turn under the ends 1cm and press these too. Stitch around all 4 edges with a straight stitch, zigzag, or decorative stitch of your choice. Lay the strip underneath the towel between the pillow and the pockets and pin and stitch in place to the right side of the towel. Make sure you stitch these down well to give them strength. Place the pillow back in the pillow case. To roll up your beach towel, lay the pocket end over the pillow, roll in the edges of the larger beach towel, and roll up the pillow down the length of the beach towel, making sure the strap stays outside the roll. You can now carry your rolled up beach towel around with you.