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Chinese Lantern Tag

The Chinese Lantern Tag project is perfect for adding that finishing touch to gifts! It features a black tag with Raspberry and Turquoise ink effects.

  • Papercraft and Scrapbooking
  • < 1 hour
  • Beginner
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  1. Cut a black Tag 7” x 2 3/4”. Use low-tack masking tape to attach the Chinese lantern stencil to the tag. Place on copy paper.

  1. Deposit Texture Paste at the base of the stencil, on the masking tape. Be sure to clean your tools and stencils before the paste dries. Just drop them in warm soapy water straight after use..

  2. Drag the paste through the stencil, filling the lanterns. Go back to the starting point and scrape off excess paste. Put this back in the pot - would be a pity to waste it!

  3. Carefully remove the stencil and clean it. Allow the paste to dry. Drying time depends on the type of paste used.

  4. Once the paste is completely dry, it’s time to add some colour. Place the clean dry stencil over the texture paste. Isolate one of the Chinese lanterns with masking tape, and with a make-up sponge dab Raspberry Adirondack - a dye-based ink - where you would expect shade.

  5. If you add a tiny amount of Stream (a turquoise colour) over the pink, this yields the most beautiful lilacs and purples!

  • Add colour to all the pods. Just remember to use the stencil over the paste art while you are doing this. On black card, using the stencil isn’t quite so crucial, but if you were to do this technique on light card the stencil helps protect the card and allows you to apply ink only on the paste.

  • Tie a matching double ribbon bow and the tag is complete.