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How to Make a Hotfoil Die Card

This project uses a normal die with hot foiling to show you that you can get 2 looks from 1 die, and achieve a gorgeous card that truly shines. It provides step-by-step instructions for the full process of hot foiling, as well as steps to make the card.

  • Papercraft and Scrapbooking
  • < 1 hour
  • Intermediate

You Will Need:

  • Ultimate Crafts Floral Bunting Die
  • GoPress Hotfoil Machine
  • Gold Foil
  • Hotfoil Sentiment Stamp
  • 8”x8” White Card Blank
  • General Black Cardstock
  • Patterned Paper
  • Sentiment Label Dies
  • Embellishment Bow Die (you could use a satin bow as an alternative)
  • Tape Runner or Adhesive Tape
  • 3D Foam
  • Scissors


  1. Cut a layer for the 8”x8” card blank from black cardstock; the layer wants to be approx. ½” smaller than the card blank. Then cut a layer of the patterned paper ½” smaller than the black card.

  2. Attach both layers that you have just cut to the card blank using flat tape or a tape runner.

  3. beautiful-card
  4. Place your Floral Bunting die on the GoPress heat plate and press the button to start the heating process.

  5. beautiful-card
  6. Now place a piece of cut foil over the die, color side down.

  7. beautiful-card
  8. Place the cardstock you want the foiling on over the top of the foil.

  9. beautiful-card
  10. Add an extra piece of cardstock and close the lid.

  11. beautiful-card
  12. Wait for the light to go green; this means the machine is at the right temperature for foiling.

  13. beautiful-card
  14. Slide off the top section of the GoPress and run it through your die-cutting machine. (This can be any manual or electronic die-cutting machine. See Top Tips below for more foiling hints.)

  15. beautiful-card
  16. After passing the die and foil through the die-cutting machine, peel away the die from the base. Remember, the die will be hot; place it on the rubber cooling mat using the tweezers and wait for it to cool.

  17. beautiful-card
  18. Now it’s time for the reveal! Peel away the foil from the cardstock; this should reveal a thin foiled line, showing the detailing from the die (this will not be a traditional die-cut image).

  19. beautiful-card
  20. You will need to repeat the process to foil 4 of the Floral Bunting die.

  21. beautiful-card
  22. Trim the foiled pieces into a bunting shape.

  23. beautiful-card
  24. Use the Floral Bunting die to die-cut, as normal, 4 bunting pieces.

  25. beautiful-card
  26. Choose a sentiment; I used a hotfoil sentiment and followed the hotfoil process again. Then I die cut the sentiment and a larger layer.

  27. beautiful-card
  28. Start to assemble the card by placing 1 of the foiled bunting pieces onto the card front so it’s pointing into one of the corners. Adhere with glue or flat tape.

  29. beautiful-card
  30. Do the same with the remaining 3 corners.

  31. beautiful-card
  32. Now start adding the die-cut bunting pieces. Start by placing 1 die-cut so it is pointing into the lower center of the card.

  33. beautiful-card
  34. Continue adding the rest of the die-cut bunting pieces, adhering with glue or flat tape.

  35. beautiful-card
  36. Now build up the sentiment layers on the center front of the card; I used 3D foam tape to give the layers dimension.

  37. beautiful-card
  38. Add a bow; you can die cut one from the patterned paper or use a fabric one.

  39. beautiful-card
  40. Place a few gems in the center of the foiled flowers to give them extra shine and allow to dry.

  41. beautiful-card
  42. Voila! Your card is complete and ready to send!

  43. Hot foiling Top Tips:

  44. Before running it through the die-cutting machine, let the hotfoil stamp/die sit for an extra 10 to 20 seconds with the foil and card over it on the hot plate.

  45. Use the tweezers to move the hotfoil stamp/die as it will be HOT.

  46. Use the rubber mat to allow things to cool.

  47. As exciting as it is to hotfoil, don't rush when winding the handle on the die-cutting machine (applies to manual machines only). Make it flow smoothly to achieve even foil coverage.

  48. If you don't succeed the first time, keep trying. To get the right sandwich through your die-cutting machine can be trying; if you need to add an extra piece of cardstock, do it - you may need 2 sheets or none at all because all die-cutting machines differ. It’s ok to try it.

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