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How to Make a Floral Frame Watercolor Card

In this project, I created a pretty and colorful floral frame card using the Brea Reese Watercolor Inks. The inks are easy and fun to use, and they look great with stamped images that you can shade and shadow. They can also be mixed to create unique color blends. This project has a couple of easy techniques that even non-artists could master, making it perfect for beginners and intermediate crafters.

  • Papercraft and Scrapbooking
  • < 1 hour
  • Beginner

You Will Need:

  • Brea Reese Watercolour Inks and Brea Reese Watercolour Brushes
  • 8x8inch White Blank Base Card
  • Black & White Cardstock
  • Black Permanent Ink (must be a permanent ink)
  • Spellbinders Floral Divine Die Set (or similar to create the stamped frame)
  • Spellbinders ‘Wishing You the Best Day’ 3D Shaded Stamp
  • White Fineliner Pen
  • Tape Runner or Adhesive Tape
  • 3D Foam
  • Scissors
  • Kitchen Roll & Water


  1. Take 5 of the Watercolours and add a drop to either a tile or a wipe-clean surface. I used my work mat as I don't have to worry about cleaning up on a mat, the inks simply clean away. The colours that I used were Cadmium Yellow, Medium Magenta, Violet, Lake Blue and Orange.

  2. Take your Waterbrush and dip it into the neat ink and then simply sweep the colour across a sheet of A4 white card – there is no method or need to be careful with this; just use a large sweeping motion diagonally to get a stroke.

  3. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  4. Do the same with all 5 colours. If you think your sweeps are dry or you have space between them, add some water to each stroke and sweep again until you’re happy. Let this dry.

  5. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  6. Take the ‘Wishing You the Best Day’ sentiment stamp (or a sentiment stamp of your choice) and, using a permanent ink, stamp across the painted strokes, so your sentiment is in the middle of all the colour.

  7. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  8. Paint in any detail on the sentiment using whichever colours you want from the range; darker colours will paint over lighter colours and still mix together.

  9. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  10. Let everything dry

  11. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  12. Using a white fine liner pen, add a few dots around the sentiment and a few stars, to add more detail.

  13. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  14. Cut a base layer for your card base in black and then cut your sentiment slightly smaller to create a layer above the black card.

  15. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  16. 9. Mount the black cardstock and sentiment onto the front of the card using flat tape or a tape runner.

  17. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  18. To make the floral frame, stamp a floral border around a piece of white card that would fit on the card front (it does not have to be exact) using the Floral Divine stamps from Spellbinders (or stamps of your choice) and black permanent ink.

  19. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  20. Cut around the edge of the stamped frame and then cut the centre of the frame away.

  21. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  22. Start painting your floral border. I dropped a dot of watercolour ink onto my work-surface and dipped the brush into the neat colour.

  23. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  24. Add colour to the flowers – you do not need to be an artist, just get the colour on the stamped images.

  25. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  26. Once the colour is on, you can blend it together using the waterbrush. Gently blend the colours by using a circular motion. (Tip: If you get too much water on the card, use kitchen roll to blot the water - kitchen roll will be your best friend when watercolouring!)

  27. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  28. Cut a frame from black cardstock that is slightly bigger than the stamped floral frame in some places.

  29. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  30. Attach the floral frame on top of the black frame, showing some black card in places; this will highlight the watercoloured floral frame.

  31. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  32. Then add 3D foam to the back of the frame.

  33. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  34. Attach the frame to the top of the card and then voila! Your card is finished.

  35. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  36. Tip 1

    When you get your watercolors, make yourself a color palette by adding each color in turn to white cardstock and adding the name of the color.

  37. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  38. You will build up the palette to show all the colours.

  39. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  40. Tip 2

    If you want to keep the name of the Watercolor Ink with the bottle, remove the insert from the packaging.

  41. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  42. Cut the color name and label away from the insert then attach to the back of the bottle.

  43. floral-frame-watercolour-card
  44. How your Watercolor Inks will look:

  45. Tip 3

    A. Always keep some kitchen roll at hand when watercoloring; it helps with easy clean up, drying brushes and for mopping excess water.

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