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HappBee Birthday Card

Want to create this striking greeting card for a loved one’s summer birthday? Helen Kirkham shows you how with the ScanNCut machine

  • Papercraft and Scrapbooking
  • < 1 hour
  • Beginner

You Will Need:

  • Brother Scan and Cut
  • Black, white and yellow card
  • Pinflair bookbinding glue
  • Wink of Stella black pen
  • Yellow ink
  • Blending tool
  • 3D Shaker foam
  • Scissors
  • Brother Universal pen holder
  • Cutting Craftorium Making me time USB
  • 8x8 White card blank


  1. Add image BA-A001 to your mat, resize to height and width 7.75 inches and cut out of the black card.

  2. Using font FO-A003 add the word Hap to your mat, using font FO-A001 add the word Bee to your mat. Select both images and centralise vertically. Group both words together.

  3. hapbee-birthday
  4. Using font FO-A003 add the word Birthday to your mat, select all words and centralise horizontally.

  5. hapbee-birthday
  6. Group all the words and resize to height 1.85 by width 3.15 inches.

  7. hapbee-birthday
  8. Add image BA-001 to your mat, resize to height and width 7.50 inches, select the square and the sentiment and centralise vertically and horizontally.

  9. hapbee-birthday
  10. Save to your Scan and Cut memory.

  11. hapbee-birthday
  12. Remove the sentiment from the mat and cut the square out of yellow card. Do not remove your mat from the Scan and Cut.

  13. hapbee-birthday
  14. Select the saved image of the square and sentiment from your Scan and Cut memory, add this to your mat and this time remove the square.

  15. hapbee-birthday
  16. Using the black pen draw the sentiment on to the yellow card.

  17. hapbee-birthday
  18. Add image BA-A001 to your mat and resize to height and width 7.25 inches. Add image BA-A045 to your mat and resize to height and width 4 inches, select both images and centralise vertically and horizontally. Cut out of white card.

  19. hapbee-birthday
  20. Mat and layer the black, yellow and white card on to the card blank. Using the bookbinding glue for the black and yellow layers. Use the 3D foam for the white layer.

  21. hapbee-birthday
  22. From the Making me time USB add the bees from the beehive folder to your mat, select all images and resize to height 2.35 by width 2.45 inches. Cut out twice using white card for the wings, yellow for the bodies and black for the stripes.

  23. hapbee-birthday
  24. Add image A5-A015 to your mat and resize to height 1.99 by width 2.02 inches. Cut 16 times out of yellow card. Add image BA-A045 to your mat and resize to height by width 0.55 inches. Cut 8 circles out of white card and 8 out black. Using the yellow ink edge the yellow flowers, white bee wings and white flower centres.

  25. hapbee-birthday
  26. Curl the edges of the flower petals and then glue the black and white centres to the flowers.

  27. Helen’s Helpful Hint If you don’t have a curling/Ball tool to curl the edges of the petals, use the flat bottom side of your scan and cut spatula.

  28. hapbee-birthday
  29. Glue the black stripes to the bodies, then using 3D foam stick the wings to the bodies.

  30. hapbee-birthday
  31. Using 3D Foam stick the flowers and bees to the card.

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