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Lucky Star Origami Jar by Carla Bagshaw

These sweet little jars make wonderful gifts and keepsakes. You can even write little messages and slip them between the folds for the recipient (i.e. a positive thought for whenever one is needed). They are quick, simple, and beautifully effective.

  • Papercraft and Scrapbooking
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner

Tools and materials required

  • 20 cm x 1 cm Strips of coloured paper (100-200gsm is best) of your choosing (the amount you will need will depend on the size of your jar)
  • A Jar


Take your strip and create a loop at the end.


Pull the long tail through the loop (as if you were tying a bow) and very gently pull to the end.


Keep manipulating the loop so that the ‘knot’ is tight and at the end of the strip (this may take a little practice to get right).


Take the short tail and fold it, tucking it into the flap made by the knot.


Now, take the long tail and fold it over, it will automatically fold across to the opposite edge.

Lucky Star Origami Jar

Turn the ‘knot’ over and keep folding, the long tail will naturally fold to the appropriate edge as you go. Carry on until you get to the end of the long tail.


Take the last bit of the tail end and tuck it into the open slot, closing up the pentagon shape.


Dig your nail into the middle of one of the 5 edges to cause a dip in the centre. Continue until you have done so on each edge.


When you have created an indent on each edge you will now have a small origami puff star, or lucky star. Keep repeating the process until you have enough stars to fill a small jar.