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Stamped Circle Illusion Card by Ann-marie Vaux

This project creates an illusion of layers, created by clever stamping and the use of masking paper, together with inking and blending. The card could be adapted and created using your favorite foliage or floral small stamp and sentiment, plus you can use any colors you want to make the effect!

  • Papercraft and Scrapbooking
  • < 1 hour
  • Intermediate

You Will Need:

  • C&C Core Range white stamping cardstock
  • C&C Core Range black cardstock
  • 6x6inch White blank card base
  • Circle die set
  • Artist masking paper
  • Your favorite small to medium sized foliage/floral stamp
  • Your favorite small sentiment stamp
  • 3 or 4 bendable inks
  • Black permanent ink
  • Watercolor colored pens
  • Pearl drops to enhance your stamp design, I used 2 shades of pink
  • Tape runner or adhesive tape
  • 1 piece of scrap paper


  1. Cut a layer in black cardstock approx ¼” smaller than the blank card base and then cut a layer in white stamping cardstock approx ¼” small than the black layer – this will create the matt for the card, do not attach to the card yet.

  2. Use a large circle die (that is not bigger than the white layer) and die-cut a circle from the masking paper. Then attach the masking circle to the white stamping card layer in the center.

  3. stamped-circle-illusion-card
  4. Place the white stamping card layer with the mask on to a piece of scrap paper, then using your favorite foliage or floral stamp with black permanent ink. Be sure to stamp around the edges of the card and slightly over the mask edges.

  5. stamped-circle-illusion-card
  6. Pick the 1st ink color you are going to use and start to blend in lots of different places around the layer – be random with adding the color.

  7. stamped-circle-illusion-card
  8. Top Tip: If you have trouble with blending or prefer a smoother look to your inking, try mixing a tiny amount of Glycerine to the ink.

  9. stamped-circle-illusion-card
  10. Randomly ink on to the layer then pick your 2nd color to blend, and again be random with where you put it.

  11. stamped-circle-illusion-card
  12. Pick your 3rd color, and add this to all the gaps where there is no color, then blend it in if you want to make it look smoother.

  13. stamped-circle-illusion-card
  14. Using watercolor pens, add a little color to the stamped areas. Then peel away the circle mask from the stamped layer.

  15. stamped-circle-illusion-card
  16. Pick another circle die that is approx 1” smaller than the mask and die-cut the 1st circle mask with the circle die.

  17. stamped-circle-illusion-card
  18. Re-position the outer mask back on to the stamped layer and then add small center mask into the middle.

  19. stamped-circle-illusion-card
  20. Using the same foliage/floral stamp that was used on the outer part of the layer, stamp using permanent black ink around the unmasked areas.

  21. stamped-circle-illusion-card
  22. Using 2 of the ink colors, blend around and over the stamped images you have just created, then peel away the mask circles (if you keep them safe, they can be re-used on other projects).

  23. stamped-circle-illusion-card
  24. Select a sentiment stamp for the center and using permanent black ink, stamp in the layer center. Add some color from Watercolor pens to the sentiment stamp.

  25. stamped-circle-illusion-card
  26. Attach the stamped layer on to the black cardstock matt using flat tape or a tape runner, then attach this layer to the front of the card using either flat tape of a tape runner.

  27. stamped-circle-illusion-card
  28. Using Pearl drops add some droplets to the stamped image - use 2 shades of drops to enhance the design, use it randomly – then allow to dry.