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Sun Ray Pearls Make the Perfect Summer Necklace!

Project created & written by our Jewellery Ambassador, Sarah Millsop.

This Sun Ray Pearls Necklace is a great project for perfecting your loop turning and using the components in a slightly less traditional way. You can add more or less of the rays depending on your taste, and even add more or less beads into your pins for a different look.

  • Beading and Jewelry
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate

You Will Need:

  • Headpins
  • Size 8 seed beads (for pins: the bigger holes make it easier)
  • Size 10 seed beads (for stringing in-between your pearls)
  • Glass pearls
  • Beading thread and beading needle
  • Calottes and clasp
  • Glue
  • Round nose pliers
  • Cutters


    dare to dream
  1. You might find it easier to start with the pins that require more beads – it gives you a little extra length to be able to work with and hold. Add 7 seed beads to a headpin. Bend the pin to 90% directly above the bead and trim to leave approx. 6mm. TOP TIP: I would normally recommend you to leave 1cm, but these need to be very small and neat loops that will be smaller than the seed beads. If your loops are bigger than the seed beads, they will not be held between them and will move.

  2. You will need clusters of 5 pins per pearl you would like to embellish. On each one, I have 2x pins with three beads, 2x pins with five beads and 1x pin with 7 beads. In all, you will need: 3 bead pins x 32 5 bead pins x 32 7 bead pins x 16 Of course, this will also depend on the number of pearls you use for the length of the necklace and the size of pearls you use. Make sure that you can thread each pin with a seed bead in between and your cluster will hug and cover the outside of your pearl.

  3. You may wish to leave attaching your findings until the end. I played around with the length a few times with this piece and having the option to unthread this at both ends helps. Thread a seed bead as a stopper if you aren’t securing your finding straight away. I used a double thread on this piece; it gives you a bigger and more secure knot at the ends, as well as strength throughout. I used a 2m length doubled over and threaded the loop through my needle eye.

  4. dare to dream
  5. Add a pearl, 3 seed beads and a pearl. Add a seed bead and continue adding your cluster of 5 pins with a seed bead in between each one. Finish with a seed bead and thread back through your last pearl in the same direction, causing the cluster to hug the outside of the pearl.

  6. Add 3 seed beads and a pearl, 3 seed beads and another pearl. Repeat your cluster process in the same way. You will do this for each alternate pearl until you achieve your desired length.

  7. Once you are ready to secure your ends, thread your needle up into your calotte and push down tightly to the beads. As my thread is so fine, I added a seed bead onto one strand and knotted the 2 ends together around it twice. Add a little glue to secure and trim the ends (or you may wish to thread this back down into your piece for security). Close your calotte and add your clasp.

  8. Repeat step 6 by adding your calotte and making sure that all of your beads are tight, neat and none of your ‘rays’ are sagging. They all need to be nice and close and tight. There are so many ways that you could personalise your necklace and even make matching earrings! Don’t forget to share your makes with us on Facebook on my jewellery page ‘Sarah Millsop on Create and Craft‘. Lots of love, Sarah x