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Wire Writing for Beginners

This fantastic wire writing tutorial from our jewellery expert, Sarah Millsop, is the perfect introduction to the exciting art of wire writing! In this step-by-step guide, Sarah shows you how to create a beautiful heart shaped paperclip, and shares her top tips for wire writing best practise.

  • Beading and Jewelry
  • < 1 hour
  • Beginner

You Will Need:

  • 1.25mm wire
  • Round nosed pliers
  • Flat nosed pliers
  • Cutters
  • Beads for embellishment
  • Head pins


  1. Take approx. 30cm of wire (this is more than you will need but leaves you enough for error too!). Leave a 2cm tail and bend the wire around the thickest deepest part of your round nosed plier. This is one side of the largest heart on your clip.

    Wire Writing for Beginners Step 1

  2. Leave a 1.5cm tail and hold the wire at the thinnest and very tip of your pliers, wrap the wire all the way around one side of the plier to give you a complete loop. This is the centre of the heart.

    Wire Writing for Beginners Step 2

  3. Repeat the step 1 to give you a complete heart shape. The sides don’t need to be totally symmetrical. Have fun with your design and personalise it! Wire work doesn’t always need to be perfect!

    Wire Writing for Beginners Step 3

  4. Bend the wire at the base of the heart to give you a neat line, approx. 2cm along the base, you can begin your smaller 2nd heart. So the wire direction flows for the rest of your work, start with the far side of the heart.

    Wire Writing for Beginners Step 4

  5. The other side, will sit behind the base line of wire, and flow to the left, allowing you’re the rest of your wire to create the ‘clip’ itself.

    Wire Writing for Beginners Step 5

  6. Leave 3cm and fold the wire totally back on itself. You may wish to use flat nosed pliers to pinch this together and get a really sharp crease. Leave about 4cm to this tail before bending the wire around the base of your round nose pliers to give the final curve.
    This should replicate the tails of a paper clip. This will be the section that sits behind your papers, so if you need it super strong and longer, you can personalise to your needs.
    I very often keep off cuts of wire, and these are really useful for practising letters I am a little more dubious of forming. Practise makes perfect, remember!

    Wire Writing for Beginners Step 6